Annihilated by armies of wolves

Through the eyes of three unlikely allies, The Church of Wolves follows the horror and mystery of Lithuania’s wolf armies that raged through the winter forests of the Eastern Front of World War I.


— Based on a true incident —

In the wintry darkness of 1916-1917, hordes of wolves attacked the German and Russian armies stalemated across the eastern no man’s land of Lithuania. As the wolves decimate their troops, two officers of the German and Russian Empires must confront that country’s ancient shamanistic beliefs. Bitter enemies, they are ordered to join together and discover the reason for the wolf attacks, aided by a local peasant girl, Kristina.

Together, the three discover the answers to all their questions, but in a way they never dreamed as they also uncover the greatest secret of an ancient culture: the dark mystery that has slept for so long in the crumbling walls of a humble, ruined church.

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